Jos van der Hoeven

"We do what we do best"
Hoarding all kinds of garden and indoor plants is our business. A specialty where Van der Hoeven for more than 20 years of experience has. Thus we form the basis for a successful crop you as an entrepreneur always strives for.

Van der Hoeven, an investment that can save you up! With professional equipment and trained staff, we fill jars from 7 centimeters. Potting transport separately from the production hall or big bags for us no problem. Directly injected into the potting machine and turning off your garden or houseplants also a possibility.

Listen to your needs and requirements, brainstorming solutions and flexibly to your situation. Service that goes beyond the provision of quality and cared oppotwerk. Compare it with a balanced foundation where your garden or houseplants grow.

Jos van der Hoeven Based on Service